Sky: Children of the Light MOD (Unlock All Skin) v0.18.6

From the creators behind Journey and Flower, comes a peaceful social adventure that is set to warm your hearts - Sky: Children of the Light

7+ 4.7
🔰 Name Sky: Children of the Light
🔰️ Developer thatgamecompany inc
🔰️ Category Role Playing
🔰️ Version 0.18.6
🔰️ MOD All Skin Unlock
🔰️ Compatible with Android 8.0+
🔰️ Price FREE
🔰️ Content Rating Rated for 7+
🔰️ Updated
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🔰️ Size 1.3GB

Sky: Children of the Light mod is an open world social indie adventure game developed and published by Thatgamecompany. Sky is a multi award-winning game experience created by the studio that brought you Journey and Flower.

Table of Content
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  2. Gameplay
  3. Graphics
  4. Accolades and Reception
  5. Sky FAQs
  6. APK MOD features of Sky: Children of the Light
  7. What's New
  8. Preview
  9. Download Sky: Children of the Light MOD (Unlock All Skin) v0.18.6 for Android

Game story

Sky: Children of the Light MOD
Sky: Children of the Light MOD APK

Sky: Children of the Light (MOD) lead new players to a colorful fantasy world. Ensure that when participating in the game you will be overwhelmed by its magnificent beauty, a beautiful paradise appears before your eyes along with an invitation to you go deeper and explore. As one of the children of the world of Sky, you must discover and give hope to the kingdom, on a mission to find the lost constellations there.


In Sky, players explore a once prosperous kingdom using a cape that gives them the ability to fly. The in-game world consists of seven unique realms, each with a different theme being represented as a stage of life and a variety of areas to explore.

In Sky, players explore a once prosperous kingdom using a cape that gives them the ability to fly

There is also Home, a small island which serves as the world hub and the starting place when the game is opened. Throughout the world, players encounter "spirits" that allow them to unlock items in return for in-game currency, and "children of light" that give players "winged light". When a player has collected enough winged light, their cape level goes up, increasing the cape's maximum energy and allowing the player to fly farther.

Collected enough winged light to allow flying farther
Collected enough winged light to allow flying farther

The game features a heavy focus on social mechanics. Players are able to meet and befriend one another, and can unlock new abilities such as chat and sending gifts as their friendship grows. There are also many cosmetic items to collect including capes, masks, hairstyles, hats, pants, playable musical instruments, expressions, and more. These items can be obtained using in-game currency or in some cases, are purchased with real life money. Some cosmetics, such as the original beta cape, are only available to select players, in this case, those who played the beta before the official global release.

The game features a heavy focus on social mechanics
The game features a heavy focus on social mechanics

Sky has multiple in-game currencies. "Candles" are the main currency of Sky, and are exchanged with spirits and friends in return for items and abilities. Candles are obtained by collecting pieces of light and forging them, or by purchasing them for real money. "Hearts" are the social currency of Sky, and are obtained when players receive gifts from other players and spirits when they give them 3 candles. Hearts are primarily used to purchase cosmetic items from spirits. "Ascended candles" are the rarest currency in Sky, rewarded to players for giving their winged light to "The fallen" at the end of the game. Ascended candles are exchanged with spirits for "wing buffs", which give players extra Winged Light, and to upgrade friendship and purchase various spells.


shaping the character with many options for creative players
Shaping the character with many options for creative players

Graphics are one of the reasons Sky: Children of the Light mod attracts millions of players even though it has not yet been released. With the way of shaping the character with many options for creative players, accompanied by beautiful scenes that the developer has devoted all his heart to designing it. And not only this game itself, but all of their games are particularly focused on graphics. Besides, the sound is also very lively to stimulate you to enjoy participating in adventures, solving tricky puzzles to complete the mission.

Accolades and Reception

The game won Apple's iPhone game of the year for 2019. On October 5, 2020, Gamasutra reported that the game had topped 50 million downloads worldwide.

2020Pocket Gamer Mobile Games AwardsPocket Gamer People's Choice
2020Game Developers Choice AwardsAudience Award
2020SXSW Gaming AwardsMobile Game of the Year
2020Webby AwardApps, Mobile, and Voice: Best Visual Design - Aesthetic
2020Apple Design AwardsOutstanding Design and Innovation
2020International Mobile Gaming AwardsGrand Prix
2020Games for Change AwardsBest Gameplay
2020Games for Change Awards G4C People's Choice Award

IGN scored the game a 8.5 out of 10, likening the game to its predecessor as "a bigger and bolder follow-up that expands on what made Journey so great."

Play Together & Create Genuine Human Connections
Play Together & Create Genuine Human Connections

Destructoid, like many other reviewers praised how it's a game that "most everyone should experience", was however highly critical of the touch controls and the lack of control it gave of your character, going as far to suggest that "most everyone should wait for a console or PC release" to play the game.

Publication Score
Game Informer8.25/10
Nintendo Life8/10

Nintendo Life scored the Switch version 8 out of 10, sharing the same praise as other reviewers, though highlighting that the simplistic gameplay may not keep players engaged in the long term, and how the option to toggle the FPS from 60 to 30 is objectively worse and provides only minor improvements.

Sky FAQs

What is the Adventure Pass?

While most of Sky’s seasonal content can be experienced by all players, Adventure Pass holders will gain a special seasonal pendant and have the opportunity to collect unique cosmetics items, among other bonuses described below.

Purchasing the Adventure Pass, or receiving a Gift Pass from a friend, will grant the following benefits for the duration of the Season:
- Seasonal pendant accessory which can be accessed at the closet any time.
- You instantly gain 20 Seasonal Candles, with an additional Seasonal Candle waiting for you in Home each day while the Season is active.
- The opportunity to unlock additional rewards from Seasonal Spirits, including cosmetics, blessings, sheet music, and emote upgrades.
- The opportunity to obtain the Season’s Ultimate Gifts. Currently, seasonal Ultimate Gifts are only obtainable while the Season is active and if a player has the Adventure Pass. Please check "What is the Ultimate Gift and do I need the Adventure Pass to receive it?" for more information.

How does Winged Light work?

Winged Light appears all around the world of Sky, often in the form of glowing silhouettes. When you’ve collected enough Winged Light you can level up your Cape, which allows you to fly higher and farther while exploring the game.
Your Cape’s level is represented by stars on the back of your character’s Cape.

If you lose a Winged Light during your adventures, you have a few seconds to recollect it before it disappears. If you see a fellow player lose their Winged Light, you can assist by collecting it for them. If the Winged Light isn’t collected in time and disappears, it will reappear at random in one of the locations from which you previously collected a Winged Light.

What is Eye of Eden?

The Eye of Eden is the seventh zone in the Kingdom of Sky. Within it comes the greatest challenge you will face. The area is swarmed with Dark Dragons, Dark Matter, and a perilous Storm bent on sapping your light as you strive to bring the lost stars home.

APK MOD features of Sky: Children of the Light

The mod features of Sky: Children of the Light:

  • Unlocked Skins
  • Unlocked Maps
  • Unlimited Wing Energy
  • God Mode


4.7 out of 5
639,561 Ratings

What's New

Greetings, adventurers!

Embark on the latest Sky adventure when you take to the skies in the Season of Flight! Finish all five quests to help restore The Wind Paths' routes to various realms.

Two events will also bring end-of-year festivities: Days of Giving to share double hearts with friends, and Days of Feast to gather in cozy spaces and enjoy winter fun.

For more details:

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Download Sky: Children of the Light MOD (Unlock All Skin) v0.18.6 for Android

Free download Sky: Children of the Light MOD (Unlock All Skin) v0.18.6 for your android devices.

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