Pooking MOD APK v3.0.44 (Ads removed)

Modern arcade style pool game with single player, Relaxed game of 8 ball.

3+ 4.5
🔰 Name Pooking - Billiards City
🔰️ Developer MOUNTAIN GAME
🔰️ Category Sports
🔰️ Version 3.0.42
🔰️ MOD No ads
🔰️ Compatible with Android 4.4+
🔰️ Price FREE
🔰️ Content Rating Everyone
🔰️ Updated
🔰️ Google Play Link com.billiards.city.pool.nation.club

Billiard is one of the most popular sports in the entire world. It was invented in 1850 and it has been played by billions of people around the world. There were many contests and competitions held and many more to come. If you’re a fan of this sport, you’ll love playing Pooking! This 8-ball billiard game challenges you with many complicated levels that you can complete today.

Pooking MOD APK v3.0.44 (Ads removed)
Pooking MOD APK v3.0.44 (Ads removed)

This game from Mountain Game lets you test out your billiard skills as you encounter many different types of tables. In each level, you’ll need to complete challenging scenarios so you can defeat your enemies. Here, you can fully adjust the strength, angle and you’ll see the projected lines. This is a challenging game that lets you enjoy and complete many daring levels of billiard today. Test out your skills today and see if you can complete the levels.

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A Relaxing Game of 8 Balls

Have you ever played billiard even just once? If you’re reading this, there’s a huge chance that you’re a fan of the sport and that you’ve played it numerous times before. Billiard is a fun and challenging sport that beginners may have a difficult time learning. This is because it requires incredible precision, control, accuracy and imagination to pull off insane stunts like the pros. Once you master this game, you can perform powerful combos that will amaze your opponents.

A Relaxing Game of 8 Balls
A Relaxing Game of 8 Balls

But if you’re just looking for a relaxing game to play on your spare time, Pooking is the perfect one. In this game, you can unlock many levels that present unique tables in each one. You can then enjoy a game where you’ll shoot the balls into the holes. You can control the angle of the cue stick as you can see the projection once you hit the billiard ball. You can also adjust the cue stick ever so slightly and even control the strength.

All of this will come into play in the game of billiard. You’ll need to be aware of what the consequences of your shot will be even before you do it.

Pooking Features

Pooking Features

Billiard is a fun sport that we don’t see often today. They’re mostly played by adults and our grandfathers. But in Pooking, you’ll enjoy a brand-new game!

An 8-Ball Game – Maybe you’ve seen people play billiard on TV or on the club. You’ll be hooked by this game by the effort you’ll need to put in and the skills needed for a victory. It’s not enough that you know how to shoot as there are a lot of mechanics involved. In Pooking, you get to test out your billiard skills and touch. In this amazing single player game, you get to unlock many levels and best out your opponents in an 8-ball game.

In Pooking, you get to test out your billiard skills and touch
In Pooking, you get to test out your billiard skills and touch.

You will enjoy a realistic experience that simulates how real balls move in this game. Aside from that, you will be able to see the projection of the ball before you even hit it. This will allow you to have informed decisions easily. You can also adjust the angle and the strength you’ll pour into every shot.

  • Fun Levels – In Pooking, you’ll be able to unlock many levels that contains different challenges. In each one, you’ll face a different table design with the balls scattered randomly. You must then take the challenge of completing the game or you’ll lose. You’ll unlock many city bars and win more trophies in this game if you’re skilled. Try your best in showing off your billiard skills today!
  • Powerful simulation and accurate ball physics – What make this game so enjoyable is the fact that it’s close to the real thing! The ball physics are as accurate as possible so you won’t feel the difference. If anything, this game can even serve as a viable practice if you’re feeling bored. This game features some of the best board designs that are unique and elegant. Enjoy a relaxing game of billiard today and complete all the levels.
  • Smooth controls – Here, you get to adjust the strength of your shot. You will see the level on the left side so you can accurately play the game. You can also adjust the angle of your cue stick to accurately shoot the ball. Most importantly, you’ll enjoy the fact that there’s a projection line in this game to help you especially beginners. This will allow you to see the direction into which the ball will go to once its hit.
  • Realistic graphics – All the ball and table designs are designed well in this game. You’ll enjoy a realistic billiard experience with this game!

APK MOD features of Pooking - Billiards City

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Download Pooking MOD APK v3.0.44 (Ads removed) for Android

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