The First Tree: See the world though a fox eye

(1 year ago)
The First Tree: See the world though a fox eye

A vibrant red fox trots through snow-covered hills and forests, leaping over logs and wading through streams. She’s looking for something – her missing cubs. Play as the fox and explore your beautiful surroundings in The First Tree.

But there’s another story, too – that of a father and son. A son, estranged from his father, narrates his story while the fox moves through the surreal landscape. Follow the pinpricks of light to find objects from the son’s life, and he’ll reveal another memory about his father. Piece together the fragments of stories, and the relationship between father and son will gradually come to light.

Discover the brilliant world around you.

Despite your quest, there’s no urgency in the game. Traverse the environment at your own pace and find a sense of calm in the beauty all around you. The world is rendered in stylistic animation, and brought to life by two intertwined stories that pull at your heartstrings.

Step into a fox’s paws – and a son’s shoes – and journey across a dreamlike world.

The First Tree full Paid APK

The First Tree

A beautiful fox adventure game



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