Honkai Impact 3: A silver haired girl leaps and lands

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Honkai Impact 3: A silver haired girl leaps and lands

A silver haired girl leaps and lands in the light of the sunset. Her slight silhouette gradually disappears into the expansive shadow of a massive battleship hovering overhead. The girl’s name is Kiana Kaslana and she’s the first Valkyrie you will meet in the game. Your job? To command a team of them in the fight against the evil Honkai that has plunged the world into darkness.

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  1. There are no weak Valkyrie
  2. Unique Valkyrie

There are no weak Valkyrie

Miss Pink Elf

At its heart, Honkai Impact 3 is a refreshing take on an action game. You can form your own combat styles using special skills ranging from Time Fracture to Phantom Blade. If these powerful moves still aren’t enough to satisfy your appetite for action, go ahead and equip the Stigmata system - Valkyrie equipment that will boost attacks. To take on more powerful Honkai Beasts and Guardian Zombies, you will need to upgrade your weapons and pick up new skills. There are no weak Valkyrie, just a poor leader.

Unique Valkyrie

Explore and bring Sakura home

There’s more to the game than pure action. As the captain heading up a squad of uniquely skilled Valkyrie, choose the right Valkyrie to unleash a flurry of attacks that are as devastating as they are spectacular on the right enemy. There’s no time to rest on your laurels, more Valkyrie will be joining your command as you move through the missions and the story.

Alongside the Valkyrie, prepare to fight for everything that’s beautiful in this world in this futuristic fantasy.

Honkai Impact 3: A silver haired girl leaps and lands

Honkai Impact 3

Pristine Realm


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