My Time at Portia

Your mobile workshop!

10+ 4.6
🔰 Name My Time at Portia
🔰️ Developer Nuverse
🔰️ Category Simulation
🔰️ Version 1.0.10708
🔰️ Compatible with Android 4.4+
🔰️ Price FREE
🔰️ Content Rating Everyone 10+
🔰️ Updated
🔰️ Google Play Link com.pathea.mtap
🔰️ Size 979MB

My Time at Portia is a top hit 3D simulation RPG on PC has now arrived on mobile! Inherit your Pa's workshop, craft and build your way to compete for top builder in town! As you explore and discover hidden relics, restore the glory of human civilization on this post-apocalyptic land. As you grow into a seasoned builder, bond with NPCs and townsfolk to build a circle of friends and romance!

Table of Content
  1. Interesting, funny game
  2. A fully operable 3D workshop
  3. Socialize and build a family
  4. Engage in challenging battles and adventures in old civilization
  5. What's New
  6. Preview
  7. Download My Time at Portia for Android

Interesting, funny game

My Time at Portia attracts players with its attractive plot, many interesting details. Players will play the role of a boy who wants to restore the old workshop that has been forgotten in the past. He wants to rebuild, develop more prosperity. This helps players better understand the career activities, the rigors of life to succeed in this exciting game.

Besides, players will have to go through many challenges and difficulties to achieve their goals. Players will discover all the mysteries in the town with the number of competitors, find materials … The player’s main task is to make tools and use them to build reconstructions—a post-apocalyptic town. An interesting thing in the game plot is that players need to design and manufacture modern machines for travel, production … That is the mission throughout the game.

A fully operable 3D workshop

Enjoy the fun of building and growing your workshop in this 3D open-world by gathering resources and assembling them into meaningful pieces. Automate your workshop and expand your farm and homeland, and take on more skills and techniques that will benefit the town. Don't forget that you also get to develop animal husbandry, riding a horse or even alpaca is a dream not far away!

My Time at Portia

Socialize and build a family

More than 50 interactable NPCs live in Portia. As soon as you land, you'll meet a few of them and as you progress, you can develop further friendships or even romantic relationships with them. There are quite a lot of activities available for socializing, including taking a hot air balloon ride! When everything falls into place, you can tie the knot, have children and experience the joys of parenthood.

Engage in challenging battles and adventures in old civilization

Hone your fighting skills to defeat monsters in post-apocalyptic ruins as you unearth the truth of the former civilization buried beneath.


4.6 out of 5
2,432 Ratings

What's New

-Fixed the issue related to items dropping below ground level when inventory is full (i.e. sewing head)

-Fixed issues relating to incorrect items (i.e. cashier register) being displayed as well as players not being able to receive commissions

-Fixed the issue with players' children disappearing after birth

- Fixed the issue involving not being able to enter Ruins #2

-Some other serious bugs and issues have been fixed too.


Download My Time at Portia for Android

Free download My Time at Portia for your android devices.

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