Miraculous Ladybug MOD APK v5.4.60 (Unlimited Money)

Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir is a mobile game based on Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir.

7+ 4.5
🔰 Name Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir
🔰️ Developer CrazyLabs LTD
🔰️ Category Action
🔰️ Version 5.4.60
🔰️ MOD Unlimited Money
🔰️ Compatible with Android 6.0+
🔰️ Price FREE
🔰️ Content Rating Rated for 7+
🔰️ Updated
🔰️ Google Play Link com.crazylabs.lady.bug
🔰️ Size 190MB

Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir MOD APK lets you transform into heroes in your quest to rescue Paris and overcome challenges in races. You will make the control completely easy and pick up the tokens that appear on the game screen. At the same time, the number of powerups is utterly diverse with different effects, and bosses will appear to stop your progress.

Miraculous Ladybug MOD APK (Unlimited Money)
Table of Content
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  6. Download Miraculous Ladybug MOD APK v5.4.60 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Game story

The story of Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir revolves around the hero Ladybug, Cat Noir, and their teammates when participating in a mission to save Paris from villains. They will move on the roads, cling to the walls, and overcome obstacles to complete the mission. At the same time, players will be completely absorbed with the transformation cutscenes of the game characters and show their control skills.

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Like other games running to infinity, players will control one of the two cores above to join the game and observe everything from a third-person perspective. This perspective gives a specific convenience as you can see obstacles from a certain distance and know how to dodge or tackle them. At the same time, there will always be tokens appearing inside the game screen that you definitely won’t be able to ignore.


The original concept for Ladybug was conceived by Thomas Astruc around 2005. One day, after meeting a young woman who was wearing a ladybug shirt and working with her, Thomas played around with the idea of a ladybug, soon creating a sticky note with the design of Ladybug.

Thinking that the character worked well, Thomas began to develop this character with new drawings (like as seen with fake comic book covers called The Mini Menace Ladybug) and constructed the universe around her, inspired by comic universes like Marvel. He continued to develop his idea until he met Jeremy Zag, a producer at Zagtoon, who allowed Thomas to do what he thought best with it.

There were many changes that Ladybug went through during development. The series was originally meant to be for older audiences like teens and young adults, having political stories and a darker tone. However, as explained by writing director Sébastien Thibaudeau, "Some elements hindered its perception and no one really knew why", so the crew worked on making it lighter for a younger audience.

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Toei Animation helped to create an animated promotional video showing footage of what the show would be like in order to showcase the show as an anime, but eventually, it was decided to make the series in CGI. There was also a point in time where producers encouraged making Ladybug and Cat Noir a part of a superhero team, but it didn't help sell the show, and the superhero team idea was dropped because of it.


The game functions similarly to an infinite runner, but with levels as opposed to trying to beat a high score, though there is an Infinite Mode. Each level can be cleared by completing certain goals such as the amount of Ladybugs (coins) collected, the amount of Camembert or Cookies (rare collectibles only placed in goal-oriented levels) or the amount of actions, such as jumping over objects, performed in a level. Eventually, a boss level will unlock, which will either be escaping from an akumatized villain or attacking them by blocking projectiles.

Scenarios range from Paris roads to rooftops, which have various obstacles and power-ups placed in them. Some areas require the player to run on walls or slide under obstacles.


4.5 out of 5
963,145 Ratings

What's New

> Hey there, Paris-savers! Are you ready to transform into Egg hunters?

> Come, Play, and Collect all eggs!

> And...Don’t Miss the Easter Event. For more details check out ZAG fan pages.

> So what are you waiting for? Play your super hearts out!


Download Miraculous Ladybug MOD APK v5.4.60 (Unlimited Money) for Android

Free download Miraculous Ladybug MOD APK v5.4.60 (Unlimited Money) for your android devices.

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