How to install OBB file on Android device

How to install OBB file on Android device

Many of us probably reading this name for the first time in context with Android. If that’s so, it’s high time to know what is OBB file actually and how it can be installed on Android devices. Some of game and app mod on Ganamod release with OBB file. Thus, this articles help to make clear what is it and how to use it.

What is OBB file?

For those who’re come here in search of OBB file, it’s good to move ahead for knowing what is OBB file. Android app developers store the information, images and graphics of their apps in APK file but that’s not enough sometimes for big and bulky apps. So, these OBB file then allows you to store rest of the app data.

Google Play requires that the compressed APK that users download be no more than 100MB, Each time you upload an APK using the Google Play Console, you have the option to add one or two expansion .obb files to the APK, can be any format you choose (ZIP, PDF, MP4, etc.). Each file can be up to 2GB and it can be any format you choose developers can use XAPK file format to allow users download the APK file on Android without corruption.

When it comes to OBB file, the data is stored there in encrypted form which mainly consist of graphics and media files. OBB file is basically an extension of file like .APK, .RAR, .EXE, …etc. Now to better clarify the concept of OBB file.

How about XAPK file?

XAPK extension is an Android application package format. An XAPK file should consist of at least one APK file, which is the skeleton of the app, and an OBB file, which is the extra data file that keeps the app running. An XAPK’s file name always ends in the file extension .apk.

  • XAPK file = APK file + OBB data file
  • XAPK file = Base APK file + Split APKs file, The base and split configuration APKs contained in this APK bundle

Prepare to install OBB file

Beforehand, it’s good to prepare the check list of requirements you need to install OBB file on your Android device. You may source the Apk file from Ganamod or any other trusted third party app store. To install an Apk and OBB file, you should’ve the following:

  • OBB file.
  • APK file.
  • An Android File Manager: ES File Explorer
  • External memory or SD Card.

Once you confirm the availability of the above requirements, you can go ahead to install the OBB file on the available Android device. In order to install the OBB file, Please follow instruction in next section.

How to install OBB file

How to install OBB file

  1. Download APK and OBB file

    Download the APK and OBB file of the game from Ganamod.

  2. Extraction

    Extract the OBB file with File Manager. Then copy the OBB folder to the “Android/obb ” path.
    For example: “Android/obb/com.haegin.playtogether

  3. Installation

    Install the APK file and enjoy the game.


  • External memory or SD card.


  • Android File Manager: ES File Explorer

Materials: OBB and APK file


We’re regular Android users but very few of us might know about the technical aspects of our device, knowing which, we may make better use of it for varied purposes. Only installing free apps from Google play store is not enough and therefore to edify our readers with the process of installation of OBB file, we’ve written this informative piece.

Since the above steps are interlinked, it’s very essential to follow each and every step carefully, without miss. We hope that we would be of your help.


  • What is an AAB file?

    An AAB file is an Android App Bundle that developers use for uploading apps to Play Store. After upload, Play Store uses a process called Dynamic Delivery to deliver optimized versions of app packages (.APK files) to user devices so they contain only the specific portions of the app that each device needs to run. With Dynamic Delivery, app install sizes can be reduced significantly on user devices.

  • What is an APKS file?

    An APKS file is an APK set archive generated by bundletool, a utility used for creating and managing Android App Bundles (.AAB files). The archive, which is a compressed .ZIP file, contains a set of .APK files that are split based on device characteristics such as architecture, language, screen density, and other device features. bundletool uses the files to install optimized versions of the app on devices based on the device profile.