Monopoly Full Paid APK v1.6.4

Experience the thrill of bankrupting your family and friends and becoming the wealthiest property mogul on the board!

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🔰 Name MONOPOLY - Classic Board Game
🔰️ Developer Marmalade Game Studio
🔰️ Category Board
🔰️ Version 1.6.4
🔰️ MOD Unlock All
🔰️ Compatible with Android 6.0+
🔰️ Price FREE
🔰️ Content Rating Rated for 3+
🔰️ Updated
🔰️ Google Play Link com.marmalade.monopoly
🔰️ Size 217MB

If you mostly like the board game genre, Monopoly MOD APK is a game you can’t miss. Not only is it a game just for fun, but a board game also has many business elements. It allows you to learn how to invest, build houses, rent land, borrow money from banks, pay taxes and do a lot of other jobs to get rich.

Table of Content
  1. Introduction
  2. Gameplay
  3. How many players in Monopoly?
  4. How to play
  5. APK MOD features of MONOPOLY - Classic Board Game
  6. What's New
  7. Preview
  8. Download Monopoly Full Paid APK v1.6.4 for Android


At the time there are not PC games and smartphones, Monopoly was a popular game for both adults and children. It is very suitable to play with friends or family on weekends. However, you do not always have enough players, as the current life is busier. Due to the popularity of this game, Marmalade Game Studio has developed a version for Android. So you can play with online players from around the world right on your phone.


A set of Monopoly board game includes:

  • 2 dice.
  • Tokens of animals, trains or anything. They represent the players on the board.
  • 1 board.
  • Money.
  • 32 houses.
  • 12 hotels.
  • Chance.
  • Land use papers.

Monopoly’s gameplay is not too much different from the real board game. First, you shake the phone to pour the two dice and then make your move on the board (clockwise). Basically, if you move into an empty box, you can pay to the bank to own it. If another player has rented that plot of land, you must pay for it. If you refuse to buy a vacant lot, it will be auctioned off by the bank. All players on the board are allowed to participate, including the player who refused to buy the land.

How many players in Monopoly?

Monopoly is started with at least 2 players, and the maximum number of players is 8. The game does not encourage 2 players, because when there are only two players on a chessboard, the competitiveness of the game will be reduced. Some features such as auctions will only be attractive when there are 4 or more players. When either player makes a good move or lucky, there is little chance for the other one.

I think Monopoly is very fun when there are about 4 to 6 players. At that time, each player’s role was very even. When some players win, there are many activities for the remaining players.

How to play

  1. Choose your player mode: Play this classic Hasbro board game in a variety of online and offline player modes. Put your skills to the test against our challenging AI opponents in single player mode. Compete with friends and family wherever you are in online multiplayer. Play WiFi-free when you pass one device around a group of players in pass&play mode.
  2. Select your rules: If you’re one of the many who’ve never read the rules, you can still play exactly how you like! Add cash to Free Parking, or pay M400 for landing directly on GO! Stick to the classic rule book, get a fixed selection of the most popular house rules, or customise your rules to suit your own preferences!
  3. Choose your piece: Choose from the modern and classic player pieces!
  4. Enter the board: Experience the thrill of bankrupting your family and friends and becoming the wealthiest property mogul on the board! It’s just as you remember, plus fun animations and an AI banker who’s on everyone’s side!
  5. Build your property empire: Take investment risks, bid for properties in auctions, make your way around the board and BUY real estate, COLLECT rent and BUILD hotels to become a property tycoon.

APK MOD features of MONOPOLY - Classic Board Game

The Monopoly MOD APK bring you full Paid/Unlock all Tokens, Boards for free. Save you $4.99


4.3 out of 5
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What's New

The MONOPOLY game we know and love has been a family favourite board game for almost 100 years. Until now the Community Chest cards have stood the test of time, with minimal edits.

In a recent, historic poll, players throughout the world had their say, and every card has changed! These new Community Chest Cards will replace the original set in all editions of the classic game going forward. Play with the brand new cards in-game today!


Download Monopoly Full Paid APK v1.6.4 for Android

Free download Monopoly Full Paid APK v1.6.4 for your android devices.

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